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Root Canal

When a tooth nerve becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected, your dentist will often recommend root canal therapy to return your tooth to health. This is a very common procedure that Dr. Shackleton performs every day in his office. If you’ve been told you need a root canal or have a painful tooth, please contact our office for an evaluation.


TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, but it’s also commonly used to refer to jaw pain or dysfunction. Pain when eating, joint clicking or locking and headaches are common symptoms for this condition and are managed by Dr. Shackleton every day in his office. If you suffer any of these symptoms, please contact our office for an evaluation.

Oral Medicine

Sometimes we develop unusual ulcers, lumps or bumps in our mouth that just don’t seem to go away. Oral medicine is the branch of dentistry that involves the evaluation and treatment of these issues and Dr. Shackleton sees these almost every day. If you would like any unusual oral condition evaluated, please contact our office for an appointment.

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